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Welcome to Oshen Skin. We are Oh, and Shen, co-founders of Oshen Skin. It's a pleasure to meet you!

Simplify your k-beauty journey

Entering the world of k-beauty can be both an exciting and daunting experience for many, especially if you are new to the world of korean skincare. From toners to essence to serum to ampoule, and not to mention the ever-popular 10 step skincare routine!

Well, we are here to make your journey a little simpler for you by sharing quality products that you can invest in for your skin without having to go through 10 different steps. Skincare is about self-care and it does not necessarily mean that you need as many steps as possible. What is more important is that you are being mindful as you go through each step in your skincare routine and enjoying the process while you are at it.

We truly believe that everyone deserves to have a skincare routine that brings out the best in their skin. It is a personal journey to understanding oneself and embracing your unique beauty no matter what age you are at. 

Selective and thoughfully curated skincare products

At Oshen Skin, we pride ourselves at being selective in curating quality products for our customers. Our co-founders ensure that the products that we select are thoughtfully curated, carefully tested and thoroughly researched before sharing the products with our customers. This means that we go through and understand all ingredients in a product, test and evaluate the results before sourcing the products directly from the brand.We strive to ensure that the products that are recommended and delivered to you are of the best for your skin.

Since we are based out of Korea, we have the opportunity to have first-hand exposure to many Korean skincare beauty brands. The geographical advantage allows our co-founders to constantly seek brands with innovative products and of quality formulation to ensure that our customers get to discover high quality selections of products when shopping at Oshen Skin. It is also equally important to us that we stray away from focusing too much on the latest trend, but rather concentrate on selecting products that have proven to have a positive impact on the skin in the long run.

Our key values


We believe that skincare knowledge is the most important part when starting one’s k-beauty journey.  It is our privilege to be constantly learning and sharing skincare knowledge with our customers and followers on our social media platform! Our co-founders believe that having a deeper understanding about the skin and learning about all types of ingredients can help empower our customers with knowledge to determine what is best for their skin. Our goal is to empower, inspire and encourage everyone to listen to their own skin and be comfortable in enhancing their own unique beauty. 


At Oshen Skin, we believe that our customers deserve the best quality products and quality service from us. When you interact and shop at Oshen Skin, you are communicating directly with our co-founders. As co-founders of the company, we monitor the quality of our curated products, personally see to your orders and answer any questions that you may have about our company,service or products. We focus on quality of goods and quality of service because we think you deserve the best k-beauty experience at Oshen Skin.


You are the heart of what we do. That means we do our best to provide top notch customer service to all our customers. Whether it is customer Q&A or product inquiries or the time we take to inspect and wrap your order with utmost care, we are consistently making sure that we provide you with the best possible customer experience. In addition, we always ensure full transparency on everything in the store to be your trusted and reliable retailer.

Each person's skincare journey is unique with its own set of challenges and we want to be a company that supports you through your journey.


Sharing everything about skincare and introducing exciting products are our passion, but we are also aware that our products travel thousands of miles to arrive at your door. We want to play our part to save the environment. One of our first initiatives is to carefully select 100% recyclable and eco-friendly packaging to reduce our carbon footprint in the environment as your order travels to you. As our business grows, we aim to expand our green initiative one step at a time.  

Happy Shopping!

We hope you have a pleasant time browsing through our store and if you have any questions that are not answered under the FAQ section, please feel free to contact us at We would be happy to help.